"I write and sing songs to paint hope and promote healing with one foot here on earth and one in heaven."                   

-Kim Yarson- 

Nashville Recording artist Kim Yarson

Jersey Acoustic Award Nominations

·         2010 Singer and Songwriter

·         2011 Songwriter and Album of the Year for Thankful

·         2012 Top Nashville Modern Country Act

·         2012 Top New Band for Gyrl Band

-   2014 Song of the Year contest runner up for "I Am Soul"

Sync Placements for 2016

-Human Resources Season 3 Ep. 2 my song "Frying Pan Blues"

-Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta: Ep. 14 my song "This is Life"

-Lost and Found with Mike and jess: Ep. 3 Hero Moms my song "I'll Always Miss Someone"

-Southern Comfort Season 3 "Beautiful Night" appearing in 3 different episodes.

 Kim Yarson, a self-taught singer/songwriter has been writing and honing her craft for 23 years.  It all started with a trip to Nashville in 1994 and has led her all the way to the present with her third album release “Joy” which was recorded by top musicians in Nashville at "the 515 Studios" and with Bobby Holland as producer from "South Street Studios".  Joy is full on singer/songwriter album with combination of rock, country, pop and blues overtones and her sound is a cross between Alanis Morrisette and Martina McBride.  Kim recorded this album all via Skype and the internet and she was an integral part of the whole process.  The experience of recording her first and second CDs had prepared her to feel right at home with the best musicians in the world.  Kim states, “I knew I was ready to finally release my next batch of songs with the best and felt completely comfortable with my songwriting abilities to be qualified to do so.”   Songs off of Joy such as "I Am Soul and Faith" have already placed as runner up in songwriting contests.  Songs off of Joy have also had sync placements in TV and on websites.


Kim’s first single from Joy, “Barefoot and Braless” was made into a music video and sends a message to women that comfort trumps pain as she promotes ripping off these items, fully clothed of course, that confine women if only for one night.   “So rip off your bra, kick off your shoes, come on gals we’ve got nothing to lose, tonight we’re going Barefoot and Braless,” writes Yarson in her single Barefoot and Braless.  Other notable songs are the title track of the album called “Joy”.  Kim realizes her ability to construct songs and sing them brings her such joy; she wants to share this gift with the whole world.  “Faith” and “Don’t Give Up” are songs written along her journey to never give up and to believe that all is in divine right order even when it feels as if life’s trials can get in the way.  She also touches on the difficulties of dealing with aging parents in “Sometimes I Cry” and depression in Kim’s re-release of “I Am Soul”.   

Kim also penned a song called “Why Me” for an independent short film called Acceptance about a mom accepting her autistic son.  She was asked to use a couple of her songs from her Thankful album and ended up writing a song just for the film.  “I was given the script and upon reading it and after interviewing two moms who had autistic sons, the song came quickly,” says Kim.  

As Kim raises her two young sons while working a 2 part-time day jobs, as well as, performing in two bands on weekends to support both her original music and a girl band called Gyrl Band and writing songs for film and TV but she is realistic in her goals.  “I would love to travel the world and sing and spread seeds of love, joy and laughter with my song, but my kids come first,” says Kim.   Someday though I have travel in my plans!


With her priorities on straight, Kim is going to do all she can from her chair in NJ to get out her message of love, compassion, joy and bralessness out to a broader audience.  Her repertoire of songs may be written about depression, dealing with aging parents, loss and death but they are written in a positive and uplifting way.  Furthermore, Kim always finds time to write fun songs like Barefoot and Braless and Mr. Chocolate Chip Cookie showing off her sense of humor.  Kim is no stranger to writing songs on her previous CDs that touch on difficult subjects including penning a song about her own miscarriage which she blogged on You Tube during the recording of her second CD Thankful.  This blog alone has garnered more hits than anything she has done to date.  “I continue to receive emails from women all around the world thanking me for writing my song “Where Did You Go” and I am honored to help other women heal,” says Kim.  Satisfied her freshman CD was released in 2009 with a quick follow up CD called Thankful in 2011 released along with her first music video called “Without A Trace.” 


Joy, Kim Yarson’s 3rd CD is available on itunes, at Kim’s store and CD baby and at her shows, along with the release of her second music video, "Barefoot and Braless" on You Tube.  “Any success I’ve had in my music came from working from the bottom up and working with some amazing angels over the years who have guided and helped me,” says Kim.   

Stay tuned for Kim has more to say and will be traveling with her band to far reaching areas(lol) in her tri-state region to share her songwriting gift and love of music and performing. Though she cant' travel overseas, she collaborates with many writers from overseas regularly and pitches her music fearlessly.

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