The Kim Yarson Band 2016

Photo by H. Michael Roberts

Photo by H. Michael Roberts

Photo by Carl Anderson

Photo by Carl Anderson

Photo by Carl Anderson

Barefoot and Bra-less Music Video Shoot 8/11/13

Lisa Bouchelle strapping on my heels.  I could not stand those heels and could not wait to get them off though they were so pretty.

I am ready to get this video going!

Lisa Bouchelle and Dori Sabella from Gyrl Band backing me up on Barefoot and Bra-less

Close ups of band

Mike Competielle directing us all

Sandy Zio and I in between takes

The dancers comprised of my very good friends since kindergarten, my neighbors, new friends and family.  I love you all!

Michelle Sbarro my good friend from grammar school teaching the line dance she choreographed for my video.

Ooh la la, choreographer Michelle Sbarro gets hands on!

The heels are off and soon my bra.  Fun video, I've never shed my heels and bra so many times in one day in my life. 

Mike Competielle, the director

Tim Heath on camera one and Sharon Alice Murray did interviews with the fans. Thank you!

My bff Karen Wah dressing up one of my best buds Paul Myatovich who is no stranger to the camera.  He got the best job of the night- the bra catcher and made me LMAO.

My bff Gina Kwortnik came for post party support!

The cast and crew of Barefoot and Bra-less including my hubby holding me.  Thank you all for making it a great day!

That's a rap says Mike the director

Supriya, Daniela,Karen, me and Daniela: my good friends showing off our girls!

Lisa Bouchelle and I

My bff Gina Kwortnik came for post party support as you can see by where her hands are!

My other bff Terry Greco also K-9 Catholic school friend.  I keep my friends close because they are awesome!

Mike Competielle and I so happy to have accomplished what we set out to do for this video!

To end my video, I burn my bra, someone call the fire department, this is going to be one hot video!


Kim Yarson's 3rd Album Preview Party 6/7/13

My most dedicated fans who come to my shows!!

Al Lind on guitar, Me and Barbara Harley rocked my big pre-release album party!

I love what I do

Al Lind on guitar

Dina won a raffle of my T-shirt, great thanks womb buddy for helping with CD table

Sheila Norkis and I dancing to the tracks from Barefoot and Bra-less, my first single to be released with album due out in 2014

The love of my life, Paul

Barbara Harley and my hubby

Dorothy and Maxine two of my best buddies from high school!

Evelyn, my good friend

Recognizing the fans who always come to the shows, Sheila Norkis who also took my photos for Thankful CD.

Thanks to Mary Lindenthal who always comes out to my shows

Thank you Janice Ward for always coming out to shows!

Thank you to Sue Costigan and Sue Bognano

Thank you Connie Davis for always coming out to shows!

Thank you Renee Angel for coming out to shows!

Thank You Elyse Pittman for helping give out raffles at the door!

I am so greatful to all of you for your support.  Thank you and I can't wait to release Joy, my third CD,  for you!

LBI 2012 Photo Shoot

This is my fourth annual LBI photo shoot for fun.

Photos by Mark Jakubicki

Photos by Mark Jakubicki

Photos by Mark Jakubicki

Photos by Mark Jakubicki

Photos by Mark Jakubicki

Photos by Mark Jakubicki

Photos by Mark Jakubicki

Photos by Mark Jakubicki

Photos by Mark Jakubicki

Photos by Mark Jakubicki

Photos by Mark Jakubicki

Photos by Mark Jakubicki

Photos by Mark Jakubicki

Photos by Mark Jakubicki

Photos by Mark Jakubicki

Photos by Mark Jakubicki

Photos by Mark Jakubicki

Photos by Mark Jakubicki

Photos by Mark Jakubicki

Corner Copia Fall Festival with Kim Yarson band 10/12

Dan Coleman, me , Mike Thompson and Dan Trent

All photos by Sheila

Dan rocked Corner Copia so much he broke his snare

Photos by Sheila Norkis

Photos by Sheila Norkis

Photos by Sheila Norkis

Photos by Sheila Norkis

Photos by Sheila Norkis

Hebe Music/Gyrl Band

Hebe Music gig with Gyrl Band

Photos by Papa Carl

Lisa Bouchelle

Photos by Papa Carl

Sandy Zio

Photos by Papa Carl

Me and Bouchelle hammin' it up

Photos by Papa Carl

Gyrl Band Photo Shoot

I joined a new super group called Gyrl Band featuring myself and the talented Lisa Bouchelle and Sandy Zio. 

Like our facebook page

Sandy Zio, Me and Lisa Bouchelle

Photo by Papa Carl

Sandy Zio, Me and Lisa Bouchelle Gyrl Band Undercover

Photo by Papa Carl

Sandy Zio, Me and Lisa Bouchelle

Photo by Papa Carl

Sandy Zio, Me and Lisa Bouchelle

Photo by Papa Carl

Grundy Library 3/7/12

Me and Chuck Schaeffer entertain at the Grundy Library with Sandy Zio in my Songwriters in the Round

Raffle winner for my Thankful T-shirt.  Congrats Pat!

Me, Chuck and Sany Zio

2nd Annual Songwriters in Round Hightstown Presbyterian 5/6/12

Gyrl Band's Sandy Zio, Kim Yarson(me) and Lisa Bouchelle gearing up to sing for Hightstown Presbyterian 2nd Annual Songwriters in the Round

Never a dull moment with Gyrl Band

Me, Lisa Bouchelle, Mike Mattisa, Pete Nagy in back and Papa Carl

Gyrl Band debut 4/20/12

Gyrl Band Debut at Hamilton Manor on April 20th, 2012

Sandy Zio on piano, Me on guitar and bongos, Lisa Bouchelle on Bass and Guitar

My bongo debut

The Best Kim Yarson Moments of 2011

December 2011: Appeared on Rock On Radio's Christmas Spectacular Show

January 2011: My last time hanging with Mayara before she left for Brazil.  I miss you!!

January 2011:  Recording Thankful CD at SBG Studioes in Robbinsville

January 2011:  Gary Jakubicki formerly a Volunteer and my cousin at Pete's steakhouse

Februrary 2011:  Kelly Carvin's Singer/Songwriter Shakedown in Trenton with Chuckie Schaeffer

February 2011:  In the Studio with producer Jim Scheidler, Jo Wymer and Gary Jakubicki

March 2011: Songwriters in the Round Kelly Carvin, Natalie Acciani and me at West Deptford Library

March 2011: Songwriters in Round in Flemington with Barbara Harley and Al Lind my long time co-writers

March 2011: Russell Norkevich and I at the New Hope Winery

March 2011: Ernie White in studio to add color and leads to Follow Me Back off of Thankful

April 2011: Lisa Bouchelle sings harmonies on Manhattan for Thankful CD

April 2011: My family stars in my first music video "Without A Trace"

April 2011:  Bff #2 Gina applies make up for video in the "Put-Make-up on Straddle"

September 2011: Jerzy Jung, me and Barbara Harley do Somerville Public Library Songwriters in the Round

June 2011: Jo Wymer's CD release party "Living with Scars"

June 2011: me and Glen Tagliari singing for Jo Wymer's release as back up chick and chuck

August 13, 2011:  I released my second CD Thankful and had my CD release, a huge success!!

August 2011:  my CD Release party at Hamilton Manor

September 2011: Show with me, Steve Romanowsky and Jo Wymer in Point Pleasant,NJ

October 2011: Performed at Hightstown Harvest fest with my band

November 2011: Performed at Papa Carl's Jam for Life at KatManDu with "The Kim Yarson Band"

November 2011: The Saint with the Kim Yarson band

November 2011: The Saint with me and my friends Todd, Carol, Al-Vis, me, Mike and Dan

December 2011:  Last show of the year with my band at the Beanwood

Are you ready for The Kim Yarson band in 2012?  We will be everywhere!!

Rock On Radio 12/18/11

Danny Coleman's Rock on Radio show 12/18/11.  A blast for sure!!

Lisa Bouchelle helps me out with my song Manhattan.  A talent indeed.

Do I see a chick band in the making... Boobs and Craft.  LOL.

Danny Coleman Rock On's Founder and my drummer too!

Me, Lynette and my bff Karen

Sheila of SheilaNorkis photography and Cook

Chuck Shaeffer and I

Me and Lynette who had on quite the buzz this night

Bouchelle and Wah

Thankful CD Release Party 8/13/11

Russell Norkevich leads off the Thankful CD Release party on August 13, 2001 at

The Hamilton Manor Sapphire Room

Photos by Sheila Norkis of

Sandy Zio the MC for the night also shares some of her originals and takes the stage as back up for my band!

Photos by Sheila Norkis of

I enter one of the best shows of my entire career with a packed house of friends, fans and family

Photos by Sheila Norkis of

Soul sister, Jo Wymer performs some of her songs off her new CD

Photos by Sheila Norkis of

My back up peeps Marisha and Sandy

Photos by Sheila Norkis of

Photos by Sheila Norkis of

Photos by Sheila Norkis of

Kelly Carvin joins me on my song Without A Trace

Photos by Sheila Norkis of

My good buddy Paul Myatovich rocks out on his guitar.

Photos by Sheila Norkis of

The Bopsy twins Marisha Jakubicki and Sandy Zio having a blast singing

Photos by Sheila Norkis of

Mark Foreman, the sound man

Photos by Sheila Norkis of

Paul Myatovich on guitar and Mike Thompson on bass

Photos by Sheila Norkis of

Danny Coleman on drums

Photos by Sheila Norkis of

Photos by Sheila Norkis of

Charlie Ernst takes to the piano on Thankful and Reach also as a guest pianist on the CD

Photos by Sheila Norkis of

The band: Gary Jakubicki (lead guitar), Jo Wymer(harmonica, shaker eggs), Kelly Carvin(background), me, Paul Myatovich(guitar), Marisha Jakubicki(kneeling-background), Sandy Zio(background and MC), Mike Thompson(bass) and Danny Coleman(drums).  My beautiful band of Volunteers.  Thank you for a great night!!

My mom and I

After party fun, signing autographs, something I have to get used to doing but am honored to do so.

Photos by Sheila Norkis of

Love you guys all so much

Photos by Sheila Norkis of

The End!

Photos by Sheila Norkis of

The Sand Witch in Asbury Park

Playing the Sandwitch this summer 7/11 with Sandy Zio

The moon, the beach, singing, what more can a gal ask for.


How can anyone not be inspired singing to this moon with waves crashing?

The Making of my First Music Video 4/2011

LBI Music video readying for scene 1. Me with Terry and her son Ethan

His name is Clayton but I call him Clive and he was superb lighting dude!

Michael Patti as director and setting up lighting

Me with blanket in between scenes for bikini walk and Terry to keep me warm. So Cold!! BRRRRR!! Take 10 no lie!

You would never know it was a sunny 50 degrees out and I was shivering both inside and out but the footage will be great!

Take 1 Action: Lucy holds the clicker thingy.  I had my own clicker which was pretty cool!

Take 3 and 4 and 5, hurry it's cold out here but not as cold as before now that I am fully clothed.

Scene 2 at end of dunes singing my heart out!

The Amazing Crew: from back to front,Michael, Clayton(Clive), Lucy and Jeremy

Writing a letter to my father to launch into the sea

My family came for a scene 3 where the boys wrote a letter and drew a picture for their grandpa they will never meet to lay on his grave in scene 6.

Walking the jetties at Barnegate light in LBI to launch the bottle with letter to dad scene 4

The launch as "I wave goodbye and have one last cry."

Patti putting himself in danger to get scene 4 perfect

My moral support the whole weekend long, and best friends since kindergarten.

Gina, me, Karen and Victoria!

The BFF make-up stradle as only BFFs can do!

Michael and Jeremy setting up scene 5 for the band scenes Day 2 of video shoot!

Literally warming up for the band scenes out on deck!

Paul Myatovich on lead, Danny Coleman on drums, Michael Thompson on bass and me!

A gorgeous but cold night in April in Loveladies, LBI to shoot my video.

Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Peasbody for allowing me the use of their house!

Jeremy and Michael viewing the band scenes

Danny Coleman, Michale Thompson, me and Paul Myatovich

The day is done, sharing a bottle of champagne and happy to have had a successful video shoot!

Without a Trace coming soon. Stay tuned!!

Pete's Steak House3/18/11

Return to Pete's Steakhouse with my band "the Volunteers"

Mike Thompson on bass

Me and Gary Jakubicki on lead guitar

Marisha Jakubicki on backround and Danny Coleman on drums

My good friends: Karen, Lilly, Me, Daniela and Daniela

Daniela, me and Layanne, my CD selling managers!

The Brazilians rock and France too.

Sheila Norkis, my photographer for my CD photos

Adele, me and Lauren

I'll be back soon to Pete's!

West Deptford Public Library Songwriters in the round 3/6/11

Second songwriters concert at West Deptford library

Kelly Carvin sings a song with me and Natalie Acciani in the round

There is always a raffle winner at Kim Yarson's songwriters in the round.

My Yarson side came to visit me at the Library 

Kelly Carvin(small), Kim Yarson(medium), and Natalie Acciani (tall) had fun at West Deptford Library

See you again West Deptford!

Princeton House Concert 2/27/11

Private intimate House Concert, Jo Wymer shares a song

Kelly Carvin

Kim Yarson(me)  in pleather, life is always better in pleather!

Three NJ women releasing CDs this year: Jo Wymer (May release), Me(June release), Kelly Carvin(April release)

Stay tuned for our music coming your way!

Wymer, Yarson, Carvin, Hot, Hot, Hot

Wymer plays, sings, harmonicas, she does it all!

My good friend Judith came to support me, she is also my yoga instructor and one of the best!

Wymer, Yarson and Carvin.  Come again, it was a great show!

Kelly Carvin's Singer/Songwriter Shakedown 2/12/11

Photo by Jeremy Sypniewski

Kelly Carvin's singer/songwriter shakedown with me, Chuck Schaeffer, Kevin Allen and others!

Chuck Schaeffer, a really nice guy and great songwriter!

Pete's Steak House 1/9/11

Kim Yarson and The Voluteers play Pete's Steakhouse for first performance of 2011.

An encore performance for us!

After 2 years of managing me and helping with my shows, Mayara has to go back to Brazil.

Thank you so much for your help, I will miss you!!

Cold fingers Gary Jakubicki on lead, Danny Coleman on drums, Mike Thompson on bass and Marisha Jakubicki on background vocals.

The table of Brazilians that rocked Pete's during my set, and Randy!  Thanks for your support.

New guitar strap and Marisha Jakubicki being silly

Mayara, me and Isabela, my new manager to take the place of Mayara(who is irreplaceable).  I hope!

Bruno so happy to be surrounded by beautiful women

Gino DiPierro of and his family.  Thanks for your support!

Layane, me and Mayara.  Layane is manager #2 I hope.

Corner Copia Fall Festival 10/16/10

Corner Copia Fall Festival outside with my band of Volunteers!

The Volunteers: Marisha Jakubicki on Background vocals, Gary Jakubicki on lead guitar, Me on bloody guitar, Danny Coleman on drums and Mike Thompson on bass.

Rocking the farm on a blustery day with my cool band

Kim Yarson and the Volunteers at Fall Festival

Gary Jakubicki, Marisha Jakubicki, me, Mike Thompson and Danny Coleman

6th Annual Papa Carl's Jam for Life Concert 10/3/10

Jo Wymer and the Itty Bitty band rocking out

Jo Wymer and Me

My band the volunteers

My first time playing Papa Carl's 6th Annual Jam For Life

Cold fingers Gary Jakubicki

A good time was had by all

Jammin for Juju 2 10/2/10

Jammin for Juju round 2 at It's A Grind with special guests Barbara Harley and Al Lind

CJ Barna shares his talent for Juju

Millie, Juju's Mom and myself

Stuart Laermer shares some some songs

Me, Barbara Harley and Al Lind

Me and Mayara Silvestre

Millie and Sandy Zio

Trevor, my littlest fan, thanks for your support!

Sandy Zio shares a song

Julianna, the guest of honor, finally arrived and Sandy Zio

Me and my angel Juju who inspires me

Sandy Zio, Russell Norkevich and myself. Thanks for performing!

CJ Barna and myself

Ewing Library SITR 9/17/10

Long time co-writers Barbara Harley and Al Lind join me at Ewing Library for my Songwriters in the Round.

Always a raffle winner at my Songwriters shows

Kim Yarson, Al Lind and Barbara Harley, a team of songwriters that have worked together for 12 years

Cookie Cottage 8/14/10 & Bordentown SITR 8/19

Bordentown Library Songwriters in the Round

Jo Wymer, Domenick Carino, me and Danny Coleman on percussion.

Vern wins my T-shirt This time.  Congrats!

A winner at everyone of Kim's Songwriters in the Round.  Giving is Godly!

Domenick Carino, me, Jo Wymer and Danny Coleman

Danny Coleman, me, Domenick Carino, and Jo Wymer

Enjoyed a show at the Cookie Cottage in Hamilton with Danny Coleman on percussion.

Danny Coleman and I rockin' on!

Danny Coleman

MIke Thompson, my new bass player comes out to support me!

Nothing like Cookies with Bailey's and coffee.  Danny's friends are too cool!

West Milford Library and the Library III 8/9 and 8/10/10

Arlon joined me for the West Milford Songwriters in the Round.


I share a song with this very awesome listening audience.

Arlon Bennett shares one of his intelligent and fun songs called Red Light Kiss

The Satisfied T-shirt raffle winner.  Great time in W. Milford.

Patty Blee and Me at Library III in Egg Harbor Township.  What an amazing singer!


Coffee Works 7/31/10

Paul Myatovich and I return to Coffee Works for our third appearance

Paul Myatovich strikes a pose before our set

Friends of ours came out to enjoy the show.

Kim, Paul, Anthony, Rick and Melissa and Kevin. Thanks for coming out!

Freedom Fest 7/7 and 7/11/10

Kim Yarson and the Volunteers band 1: Matt Schifano, Joe Chianese, Me, Marisha Jakubicki and Gary Jakubicki.


Freedom Fest at night as main act was a great stage to play on with my band.  I can't wait until next year.

My son Joey watches me play.  Endearing!

Joe Chianese sings some rockin' standars like "Sweet Home Alabama".

Cold fingers Jakubicki rocks out on his guitar!

Marisha Jakubicki sings background vocals like an angel.

And a great time was had by Kim Yarson and the Volunteers!

House concert Songwriters in the round 6/25/10

Jim Popik shares a song in the round

Laura Cheadle shares a song in the round

Sandy Zio shares a song off her debut CD "All That I Am"

Sand Zio, Jim Popik, Laura Cheadle and myself sharing our original songs.

Torchy's Lyme Disease Fundraiser 6/19/10

Me and Ice Man Gary Jakubicki before our set

My boy Joe comes out to hang at the show and hung in all night.

Gearing up to play with my band the Volunteers

Rocking out at Bradley Beach

Kim Yarson and the Volunteers: Gary Jakubicki, Mike Thompson, Danny Coleman, me, Joey and Marisha Jakubicki


My goofy but awesome band of Volunteers!

Torchy Blane, me and my son Joey

It is an honor to sign the Torchy's Troubadour banner and be a part of this funraiser with my band.

me and Marisha Jakubicki

Cranford Public Library 6/15/10

Laura Cheadle funks it up at Cranford Songwriters in the Round

Shaun Ruymen sings from the heart

Great crowd came out from Cranford.  Thanks for the opportunity.

Me with the winner of my Satisfied T-shirt

Jessica Handsman stops by to support me.  Thanks honey!

Me, Shaun Ruyman and Laura Cheadle

Jammin' For Juju 6/13/10

Jammin for Juju concert at It's A Grind in Plainsboro.  Juju's mom in white shirt.

Danny Coleman on percussion for my set.

Mayara and JD come to support!

Laurie Davis shares a couple songs for this event. Thanks so much Laurie!

Jim Gaven shares us a song and volunteers his time for Juju.

Me, Danny Coleman and Jo Wymer sharing him as our drummer.  Oh Danny you lucky guy!

me and my buddy Jo Wymer

Jo Wymer plays with her band and Gerry was just great on trumpet.

Me on tambourine, Danny Coleman, Jo Wymer and trumpet Gerry.  AMAZING!

Jim Gaven and I after his set, see the sweat!

Me, Barbara Harley and Al Lind my long time co-writers and friends.

Millie and I doing God's work together.

CJ Barna and I right before his set.  What a doll!

Juju, our guest of honor was able to come and the room lit up whens she did.

Her daddy, Dave, her brothers and It's A Grind owner Deb Nunzo.  Thanks for having us Deb!

My little earth angel Juju who teaches me so much about God's love.

Barbara Harley and Al Lind share their musical talent!

Laurie Davis and I. Congrats on winning one of the many raffles.

Jaden, Juju and Millie loving each other.  Juju can not see but she heard our music and felt our love!

A great time was had by all and all for the love of Juju!  Let's do it again soon!

It's A Grind 6/5/10

Paul Myatovich and I return to our favorite coffee house "It's A Grind" in Plainsboro

Paul Myatovich shares Wonderwall

Even the maracas are happy!

Paul and I back in the business of rockin' and fun!

Jessica, Paul, Regina and I strike a pose after the show.

My friend Carol brings her friend sout to support indie music. Thanks to all who came out.

Hillsborough Public Library SITR 6/3/10

Songwriters in the round at Hillsborough Public Library with Jo Wymer, Keith Monacchio and myself

Jo Wymer

Keith Monacchio

Shaking it up for Jo Wymer on her song Satisfied

The raffle winner of my Satisfied t-shirt, congrats!

A great time was had by all including the performers. Can you tell?

Kim Yarson and Jo Wymer leaning on the sexy Keith Monacchio.

Monmouth Library SITR and Haddonfield 5/10

Norman Taylor shares a song from Monmouth County Library Songwriters in the Round

Sandy Zio  shares an original from her debut CD

Sandy Zio looks on as Joe Iantosca,our guest songwriter shares a song.

My second invite back at this warm and welcoming library

The raffle winner of my Satisfied T-shirt

Outside of Monmouth County Library Eastern Branch.  Thanks for inviting me back!

Me, Norman Taylor and Sandy Zio had a blast at Monmouth Library for Songwriters Series.

Natalie Acciani at the Haddonfield Library Songwriters in the Round

Young up and coming singer/songwriter Natalie Acciani and myself

Bound Brook Library Songwriters in the Round 5/1/10

Arlon Bennet, Barbara Harley and myself for my second appearance at Bound Brook Library for my Songwriters Series

Arlon Bennet singing a song from his third CD called "Red Light Kiss".

Sharing a song for the crowd

Barbara Harley shares one of the many songs we've co-written together

Kyle Puccarello, our guest songwriter who happens to also be a Bound Brook Library employee. Thanks for sharing your talent Kyle!

Here is the raffle winner of my Satisfied T-shirt. Congrats!

Arlon Bennet, me and Barbara Harley honored to play Bound Brook again. 

We'll be back soon!

West Deptford Library 4/18/10

Jo Wymer, Norman Taylor, Me and Patty Blee at W. Deptford Library for Songwriters in the Round

Patty Blee first time in the round, amazing!

Norman Taylor shares a song as our guest songwriter and lead slide player too!

Raffle winner of my CD donated by W. Deptford Library and my Satisfied T-shirt.

Always a winner at my Songwriters in the Round shows!

Jo Wymer, Mayara my manager and myself strike a pose.

Hot Picking Chicks: Jo Wymer, Patty Blee and Me

I hadn't see my Yarson side in 20 years so here is my Yarson reunion.  Love you Dad in heaven!

Jo Wymer, Norman Taylor, Patty Blee and myself really rocked out at W. Deptford Library.

We will be back soon to South Jersey!

House Concert Series #1 4/16/10

House Concert Series #1 with Jo Wymer, me and Arlon Bennet and all the angel bubbles surrounding us.

Jo Wymer shares a song on piano

Enjoying listening to my musician friends sing.

Arlon Bennet shares a song

Reach Out To Me, I'll Hold Your Hand.  

Coffeehouse Todd shakes for Jo Wymer on her song "Satisfied"

Hear New Brunswick Radio Show 4/2/10

Paul will take tips, beer, food for play.  Hire him now!

My right hand gal Mayara joins me at the station to manage me.

Cookie Cottage and Westfield Songwriters in Round 3/10

Played with Danny Coleman on percussion, my Rock On Radio personality friend. 

Tune in on Sunday nights to hear him on

Played the Cookie Cottage in Hamilton and had a great listening audience

Danny Coleman and I rocking out and Rockin On!

Joe Iantosca, Barbara Harley and myself at Westfield Memorial Library for my Songwriters Concert

Barbara Harley sings to an angel and like an angel. 

Judy wins the raffle of my Satisfied T-shirt, congrats.

Joe Iantosca, myself and Barbara Harley!  We will be back soon.

Beanwood with Jo Wymer and I 3/26/10

Photo by Sheila Norkis of

Beanwood Coffee presents Kim Yarson and Jo Wymer rocking the house

Photo by Sheila Norkis of

Beanwood Coffee presents Kim Yarson and Jo Wymer rocking the house

Photo by Sheila Norkis of

Photo by Sheila Norkis of

OMG can this gal sing!

Photo by Sheila Norkis of

Fun will always be had with Jo Wymer by my side.

Dale sings us a couple of her original creations during our break.  Way to go Dale!

Legend's Pizza with Jo Wymer/Kim Yarson 3/5/10

Jo Wymer and I play together at Legend's Pizza.  What more can you ask for but a glass of red with a touch of Jo's blues/jazz.  This woman is an amazing guitarist.

The great Norman Taylor came out to color our songs with mandolin.  SWEET!

These two blues artists sound like they have sang together forever.  Beautiful to my ears.

Here I am playing Jo Wymer's guitar because mine had a screw loose or was that me who had the screw loose?


Jo Wymer with her angelic voice!

Norman Taylor plays Mandolin for my song "Stop the Wind".

The future of music, my son on vocals and his friend on guitar.

Jo Wymer, myself and Norman Taylor

Papa Carl's Jam For Life at Ivy Tavern 2/10

Volunteering for Papa Carl's Jam for Life Fundraiser at the Ivy Tavern.

The host for the night and singer/songwriter Sandy Zio shares a song.

Kelly Carvin and her drummer share a song and look at all the liquor.

Jessica Paris with her band Honey Spot Boulevard.

My buddies Dana and Dina come out for a drink and some fun.

Mayara, myself and Sandy Zio strike a close up.

Beanwood Coffee Latin Bistro 1/28/10

Sharing music with friends and fans in this cozy and welcoming Coffeehouse in Bordenton, the Beanwood!

Sandy Zio shares an original from her debut CD "All That I Am"

Little rock star shaker in the making, Blake enjoys playing along with me.

Uncle Hairy and I

Sheila, myself and Dale, thanks for coming out!

Sandy Zio and I ROCK ON!

Legend's Pizza 1/15/10

Paul Myatovich and I play at Burlington's Legend's Pizza

Yeah we're coming to a town near you, look out!

You have to love a refillable soda fountain.  You can drink it all night long!

Repeat fans Arlene and Vernon coming out to support live and local musicians like myself.  Thanks guys!

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